Phase Five Standard Board Bag

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The Standard Bag comes in all silver and holds one board. This bag has a carry handle and detachable shoulder strap for convince when traveling. The Standard bag also features a small inside pocket to stash your keys or whatever you need to put away. It comes in three sizes, 52" (fits up to a 52 inch board), 56" (fits up to a 56 inch board), and 60" (fits up to a 60" inch board).

*The board bag sizes do not actually represent the size of the bag, but the largest size board that the board bag can fit in it.

Size Capacity Board Fit
Small 53" 1 Board Small Danielo Pro, Diamond, Icon, Scamp
Medium 57" 1 Board Large Danielo Pro, Diamond, Prop, Razz, Oath
Large 61" 1 Board X-Large Danielo Pro, Diamond, Oogle, Model X, Trident Pro Carbon, Colt