Phase Five Hypsta BLEM Wake Skimboard

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This is a factory BLEM.  There are minor cosmetic imperfections, nothing that will affect the boards performance.  BLEMS are marked at either 10% or 20% off depending on how noticeable the imperfection is.  

The Hypsta strikes to the core of any seasoned rider looking for something fresh.  Its name lends itself to most obvious features including the ultra wide tail and unique squared swallowtail.  Basically this board will step up your spinning game and challenge the rider in ways that are completely satisfying.  200 lb. riders can easily cruise and get funky on the 50”, while the 54” will handle ANYONE.  Any wave is fun on this new sled.

Model Dimensions Volume Wt. Limit
50 50" × 21" × .75" 10.6 Liters 200 Lbs.
54 54" × 21 × .75" 11.4 Liters 250 Lbs.

*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.

Build Material E-Glass / Carbon Wrap 
Supplied Fins 1-2" center fin, 2- 1" fakie side fins
Traction Skim Performance Pads

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