2015 Casey Currin

AGE:  16

HOME LAKE:  Lake June, FL

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  2013 Centurion Avalanche

BOAT SET UP:  Upgraded to Enzo Sac in rear Locker, 200lbs added to front locker, 250lbs added to bow. Speed set to 10.3mph and Tabs at 40

SPONSORS:  Phase 5, GoPole

"Casey is a rather quiet and reserved kid much of the time, but he can also be very funny once you get to know him. He is also exceedingly intelligent which is apparent in his riding. When watching him ride you can tell right away that all of his movements are calculated and precise. This translates into an extremely fluid riding style that makes even his biggest tricks seem effortless. Casey had an unbelievably successful 1st year of competing, and finished it by becoming the 2014 Amateur Mens Skim World Champion. With his unique style and consistency the sky is the limit for this kid." -Words By: Mike La Macchia-