2015 Brittney Nyrose

AGE:  26

HOME LAKE:  Rosen Lake, BC

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  2015 Centurion FS33

BOAT SET UP:  : Stock ballast - not sure my set up because I haven't used my new boat yet since we are snowed in haha.

SPONSORS:  Phase 5, Centurion Boats, Jetpilot, H20 School

"One would say competing at the pro level takes some serious skill, now add to that only having a 5 month season to train in and you have a killer rider like Brittney Nyrose. Brittney made her way into the competition world in 2011 and quickly moved up to competing in the pro division in 2014. Like most Canadians Brittney has a long off season and during this time she likes to spend it making the best of winter by snowboarding and sledding. Not only is Brittney an amazing rider out on the water but she is also an amazing person who is always there to give tips and tricks to fellow riders." -Words By: Julie Vasselin-