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Wake surfing hits Alberta, Canada

This past weekend the first ever wake surf contest was held in Alberta, Canada with the help of Phase 5 Team Rider Julie Vasselin and P5 Dealer Wizard Lake Marine. We spoke with Julie and here is what she had to say " The First wakesurf event was great. From kids who are just letting go of the rope, to kids that are trying 360's. It was really neat to see the excitement on the their faces to be able to compete in wakesurfing. After the competition I put on a short demo and then there was a bit of double surfing that happened during a team event. It was awesome to get to ride with such a great group of kids. For the first wakesurf event in Alberta I would call it a success and hopefully it keeps growing in the future!" We have a feeling with the way wake surfing is exploding and the help of riders like Julie and dealers like Wizard Lake there will be a lot more events to come. IMG_0062(1) 988564_883817588353260_1255905507164245315_n IMG_20150627_093311

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