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The P5 Media Shoot '13: Day 1

For the last week, we have been running all over Florida filming video and shooting photos for 2013. We are so stoked on all of the stuff we were able to gather during the week's trip, and can not wait to release the videos that Corbin Blanton from CB Filmz is brewing up. From what he has already shown us, lets just say it has us going crazy around here! Here are some photos from day 1 of the trip, shot on the Manatee River in Florida. Photo credit: Dave Scott / Chris Hau Drew Danielo f/s big spin Corbin Blanton filming up front, Zach Smetts driving aboard the P5 film boat "The Panga" Brian King, great friend, Phase 5 sales rep, and jet-ski donor. We couldn't have done it without him! Shane Blanton behind the wheel Zach Smetts Zach Smetts Zach Smetts tossing some water around He probably didn't think he would have to deal with this... Zach Smetts Zach Smetts Zach Smetts Swapping riders Drew Danielo Drew Danielo boosting Drew Danielo mid air 360 Good looking boat! Drew Danielo right at home Shane Blanton Shane Blanton shuv Dave Scott floater Dave Scott Drew Danielo Dave Scott Dave Scott dosent like cameras Shane Blanton Gotcha! Sunset crusin' Florida sunset at it's finest

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