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The new AKU Surf style wakesurfer from Phase 5

board_2014_acu_lrg_white-2 VENICE FL (October 10, 2013) Phase 5 Wakesurfers is thrilled to announce the addition of a completely new 'surf style' wakesurfer to the Phase 5 board line. After almost 2 years of research and design, testing brand new materials and processes, we have crafted the most advanced surf style board on the market today. Being a manufacturer of only skim style wake surfers for over 10 years, Phase 5 is very excited to release the AKU Surf as its first official surfboard to join the rest of the highly sought after Phase 5 board line. A hand-shaped, custom wake surf board that does not take 12 weeks to take delivery on?!?! YES PLEASE!!! After years of dominating the skim-style wake surf market, Phase 5 has officially entered the surf-style market with the AKU surfer. The AKU features a 100% hand-shaped, hand glassed and custom finished shape. Spins+airs=FUN!!! The carbon kevlar deck provides an ultra-lightweight, super-stiff body to ensure that the AKU can provide the speed to launch off of the lip, and the strength to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding riders. The diamond shape tail design of the AKU provides the launch pad to boost for giant airs, and at the same time, gives the rider the ability to rip the lip off the wake on those big backside slayshes.. The AKU's rounder, diamond-shaped tail makes the AKU the smoothest spinning surf-style board available today. The 3-stage rocker pattern gives the AKU rider the ability to turn the board like crazy, or, lay back and cruise down the lake. The aggressive forward rocker provides instant turn response. The flat mid-rocker acts as an accelerator pedal for big airs, and also provides enough speed for average/smaller wakes. The tail rocker section assists the board in its release off of the wake and allows the board to ride "looser" for additional spinning ability. The rounded rail shape in the forward section of the AKU, allows the board to easily set into the wake, providing a sure-footed feel to the rider. As the rail continues toward the tail of the board, it becomes increasingly sharp giving the board added maneuverability. The Phase 5 Custom Surf Pad provides the AKU rider with the ultimate control platform. Soft, custom diamond-milled EVA material, integrated arch bars with pressure relief pockets and lateral stability contours ensure that the rider sticks to the board surface at all times. Fins assist in giving the AKU speed down the line and snap in the turns. Phase 5 uses a twin-fin, FCS/Futures fin setup for performance and agility. Each fin is "toed" in just the right amount to add speed and give the board the ability to throw giant buckets of water off of the wake. Phase 5 has brought all of the benefits of a true, custom shaped wakesurf board to the market. And, has provided the consistency, quality and deliverability of a major wake surf board manufacturer. Head to your Phase 5 dealer, and experience the performance and FUN of the AKU surfer today!!! board_2014_acu_lrg_detail_4 board_2014_acu_lrg_detail_3 board_2014_acu_lrg_detail_2 board_2014_acu_lrg_detail_1

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