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The 2012 Centurion WWSC Event Recap

VENICE, FL (October 4, 2012) The 2012 Centurion WWSC went down last week in beautiful Parker, AZ. It stands as the largest wakesurfing event in history with over $40,000 pro purse and $15,000 in prizes! It was a three day event and had a live webcast for the first time for this contest. This is huge for wakesurfing as it helps the rest of the world who couldn't be there in Arizona to watch the competition and actually see the progression of wakesurfing take place right on their own computer! We are super stoked on the WWSC this year and want to give a big shout out to everyone at Centurion for putting on such a great contest! Year after year the WWSC continues to grow and progress into the prestigious wakesurfing event it is today. It's awesome to have been a part of it from the very beginning and to see how far it has come, and where it is going. It seems like it was only yesterday we were at Yosemite, CA for the very first WWSC event in 2003 where Drew Danielo took the first world title! The P5 pro team was tearing it up, Dave Scott really made his mark in the wakesurfing scene by putting down some really impressive runs in both day 1 and day 2. Dave was riding the brand new 2013 Phase 5 Oath model, keep your eyes peeled for this board when we update this website with the 2013 P5 lineup! James Lovett was turning heads and keeping everyone on their toes by surprising us with the first ever "Lovett Roll" in his day 2 run. It is basically a superman with a body roll, and re enters on his stomach then stands back up. Check the video clip of him pulling the maneuver off in his run on day two here! Drew is always on fire, and his riding during the first two days was almost flawless, linking all sorts of different combos and trick variations that keeps everyone trying to figure out how he even does it. But when day 3 finals came around, it just wasn't completely coming together for Drew, and he ended up taking a comfortable 3rd place. We are very proud of Drew and the rest of the P5 team; Dave Scott, James Lovett, Meredith Kurysh, Stacia Bank, and Shane Blanton and the level of riding and progression they bring to this contest year after year! There are a ton of photos to see below from the contest, check em out! Thanks to everyone for your love and support, we truly felt it being there with you all. Phase 5 wouldn't be where it is without you and we thank you for the years of support! We are super excited for the upcoming year, and we hope everyone is as stoked as we are with what is coming for 2013. Photos: Zach Smetts / Dave Scott / Shane Blanton

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