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Team Talk: Zach Smith & The Wire Surf

website_teamtalk_zach_blog_header What do you like about the Wire? It is super fast on the wave. It really takes no effort to gain speed down the line. With the Gator Skin Construction it is super stiff which generates tons pop off the lip. What is your current Fin Set Up? I have been trying a lot of different set ups with fins. I am currently running the Blue Medium FCS twin fins and really liking it. How does the nose shape work out for you? The shape of the nose is a lot more than just looks. With the shuv tricks now happening on the surf style boards the blunt nose allows the board to be ridden backwards after doing a shuv and keeps the board super stable and fast. I also like it because when I am doing alley oops airs or 360's, I can really slow them down and almost stall out the spin on the nose and keep it real stylish. What do you think about the concave deck vs traditional 'domed out' surf decks? The Concave deck lets my feet sit flatter on the deck instead of being arch like on most surf style boards. This gives me a lot more control and I feel very stable on it. Any last comments on the Wire? Overall The Wire is a really durable but comfortable board that I can progress & learn on very easy. Every session is a blast on it. It is just a really fun board!

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