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Team Rider Interview: Stacia Bank

P5-Heel-Slide "The first time I saw Stacia ride was at Worlds in Minneapolis in 2010. She was killing it. After getting her on a skim style Phase 5 and watching her ride we knew she was the real deal. Stacia has now been apart of our team for 3 years and her riding is progressing so fast. What's really cool is it is a family sport for her. Her husband Chris (who is a great Phase 5 rep) is also a serious surfer. Along with her two sons and daughters. They are boat people. And they love spreading the joy of wakesurfing. Look for her at an event near you in 2013. From boosting airs behind the boat to being a great Mom and a super cool person we are honored to have Stacia on our team!" -Drew Danielo, Professional Rider & Team Manager for Phase 5 Here's a few questions Drew asked Stacia to help us all get to know her a little better. Drew: How did you get into wake surfing? Stacia: By accident. I've always been a water girl. At 7ish my parents bribed me to waterski in exchange for getting my ears pierced. About 5 years ago, we started wake surfing when the water was too rough for slalom, trick, barefooting, wakeboarding, etc. We call it mogul surfing. I entered the 2010 World Wakesurfing Comp not knowing if I was good bad or ugly and won the women's am surf divsion. We watched Drew's instructional the night before the event and learned what a "fire hydrant" was. :)   Drew: Describe a perfect day on the lake? Stacia: A sunny, calm 88 degree Saturday on Half Moon Lake. Morning surf runs with cb behind the Malibu with fun music and that perfect groove where you hit every trick. Afternoon fun time with fam and friends playing in the water--jet skis, SUPs, little people skiing. Sunset surf.   Drew: What is your favorite movie and why? Stacia: Dumb and Dumber It is funny every time. "We're really doin it Har."   Drew: How many people are in your riding crew? Stacia: Well, that's a tricky question. Our primary crew includes my cute husband, Christian, Mackenzie Turk and the Teitscheids. We have lots of fun and are also pros at efficiency and maximizing surf time. That being said, we love all of our fun surf friends and between training, demo days and promotional events, our boat literally sees a TON of different riders..   Drew: What is it about Phase 5 that makes you love them? Stacia: Phase 5 is easy to love! The boards rock (they're fast, have awesome pop, and are made in the USA), the P5 family is the best (Drew, Karen, Zach, Michelle, Bob), and the P5 team rips but more importantly is nice on and off the agua.   Drew: What events do you plan to attend in 2013? Stacia: 10,000 Lakes Open (We help run this event--come join us!), Nationals, and, of course, Worlds in Vegas. Stratosphere rides anyone?! 7. Who do you ride for and who would you like to thank? I would like to thank Phase 5 and Drew for this great opportunity, support and super fun board. I am a lucky girl to have such great sponsors and would like to also thank Minnesota Inboard, Malibu, Agenda, Liquid Force, The Walker Project, Surf MN gear, Jet Pilot, Reef, Oakley, Futures, and Ryan Maxwell   Drew: Tell me the first word that pops into your head when you read each word below. Stacia: A. Glass-sy water--hurry! B. Dinner-Bell C. Snow-ski D. Summer-sum sum summa time E. Sasquatch-Gillette Razor F. Old-Banana George Drew: Whats your favorite trick and what is a trick your working on? Stacia: Hmmm depends on the day. I would have to say the 1080 is pretty fun because it reminds me of how far I have come from throwing the rope. Next trick--its time for a shuv. Trevor Grindland and Drew are going to give me tips, right? :) Drew: Tell us two things about you that most people wouldn’t know? Stacia: 1) I have waterskied on a canoe paddle 2) I'm a physical therapist and have a Doctor of Naturopathy degree. Check out Stacia's new custom shred sled we recently sent her. We can't wait to see you rip it up on that thing Stacia! staciaunpack stacianewboard

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