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Team Rider Interview: Shane Blanton

"We met Shane from seeing video's his brother made on the internet. After watching a few videos we thought this kid has some talent. We contacted him and he was stoked to be on with Phase 5. Starting his 3rd year on the team he is now a part of the crew. In 2012 we flew him and his brother down for our video shoot and they were like old friends within minutes. Such a cool guy. And his riding has EXPLODED in just 2 years. Shane's riding has come along way in a few years and he will be battling for top spots on the podium this year. He also has the best looking 720 spin in the industry. Way better than mine!" -Drew Danielo, Team Manager Here's a few questions Drew asked Shane to help us all get to know him a little better. Drew: How did you get into wake surfing? Shane: Ive been around water sports since I was 12 and I have tried everything. Tried skiing wasn't a fan of it. Tried wake boarding and I became known as faceplant king, that probably speaks for itself why I don't really wakeboard anymore. I got into wake skating, which I liked because you cant mouse trap as bad as a wakeboard. I learned a fs shuv and a ollie fs 180 but I usually only ride at cable park nowadays. So I basically gave up on the water sports cause I would beat the crap out of myself trying to learn everything. Until 2006 when my brothers friend left his wakesurf board at our lake house. My brother told me what wakesurfing was, so one day we went and on my first try was able to throw the rope in and ride the wave for a little while. I slowly started to get more and more into it: bought my own board, looked up how to do tricks, watched videos on how to weight your boat etc. In 2009 after I had a couple of little tricks under my belt, and watching videos of Drew ripping it up, I decided to get a high end board. After looking around for awhile I bought my first P5 board, the Danielo Pro Carbon. Ever since then I've been getting better and better. I am now addicted to the sport of wakesurfing. Looking back I never would of thought I'd be a team rider for Phase 5 or would be doing bs bigspins behind the boat. Drew: Describe a perfect day on the lake? Shane: Getting out on the lake early on a Saturday when the water is glass. No other boats on the lake to chop up the water. Have a couple friends out to surf, wakeboard, or whatever they might be into. For example, watching your friend try to ride an air chair is probably one of the most entertaining things to watch when they don't know what they are doing. Drew: What is your favorite movie and why? Shane: I’ve never really been a big movie person but if I had to pick it would be Blue Streak. It just one of those movies that never gets old. Drew: How many people are in your riding crew? Shane:Usually three, once in a while we will have more friends come out to ride. I’m the only one that mainly wake surfs, but hopefully that changes over the years. Drew: What is it about Phase 5 that makes you love them? Shane: First of all they make some of the best boards out there! When I was picked up by Phase 5, got the chance to see the factory, meet everyone and they treated my brother and I like family. It has been a blast getting to ride/compete/do photo and video shoots with the team, I couldn’t imagine riding for anybody else. Drew: What events do you plan to attend in 2013? Shane: USA Wakesurf Nationals, World Wakesurfing Championship, and Possibly 10k lakes Wakesurf open. Drew: Tell me the first word that pops into your head when you read each word below. Shane: A. Glass- Lake B. Dinner- Chicken C. Snow- Board D. Summer- Wakesurfing E. Sasquatch- Drew Danielo F. Old- Fart Drew: Whats your favorite trick and what is a trick your working on? Shane: Favorite trick would have to be a 720 because according to Drew nobody does it the way I do. First new trick I’m learning in 2013 is a switch FS Bigspin because that trick is irritating the hell out of me. I also need to work on my switch bs riding. Drew: Tell us 2 things about you that most people wouldn’t know? Shane: 1) We have a family business called TNT Rescue Systems, we manufacture hydraulic extrication tools (most people know them as “jaws of life”) I am an Assembly Technician, so I build, test, and repair our Cutters and Standard Rams. 2) I have 2 pet Sugar Gliders, which if you have never seen them before, they are basically flying squirrels. shane 2

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