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Team Rider Interview: Meredith Kurysh

mere 3 I first met Meredith at Worlds in Minnesota. The first thing I noticed was how smooth she rode behind the boat. After speaking with her a little we decided she needed to be apart of Phase 5. Well, over the last 3 years her riding has EXPLODED. She can spin until you are dizzy, throw some big airs, ride switch heelside better than most ride regular and her shuv its are coming right along. Watch for her at The WWSC this year because she will be fighting for a spot on the podium. She also has 2 cool dogs that love Phase 5 and her Husband Grant is an honorary Phase 5 rider since he has been shredding his Custom Phase 5 also. They're just a great Wakesurfing Family!! -Drew Danielo, Professional Rider & Team Manager for Phase 5 Here's a few questions Drew asked Meredith to help us all get to know her a little better. Drew: How did you get into wake surfing? Meredith: I grew up spending summers at our cabin and always loved the lake and water sports. In 2009 we bought our first wake boat and started wakeboarding, eventually got sick of the hard crashes and found wakesurfing and the rest was history.   Drew: Describe a perfect day on the lake? Meredith: Sneaking out with my husband and dogs on a warm, windless weekday when we are the only ones out and get to have the calm water all to ourselves!   Drew: What is your favorite movie and why? Meredith: I don’t really have one… I like action movies like Bourne Identity …those types. And or course Harry Potter! Hopefully that doesn’t sound too dorky!   Drew: How many people are in your riding crew? Meredith: Day in and day out it is usually just me and my husband, Grant, and our two little dogs. We have been super busy while I have been finishing residency so we are usually sneaking out after work trying to get a set in before the sun sets! I can’t wait to have more time to get back out on the water with our good friends and family!   Drew: What is it about Phase 5 that makes you love them? Meredith: That’s easy! The coolest people, the best boards made in the USA and an awesome company! If I were not a dentist I would love to work for Phase 5 because everyone I meet from the company are so kind and fun to be around! They are so welcoming and really make me feel a part of the great team we have!   Drew: What events do you plan to attend in 2013? Meredith: Minnesota 10K Lakes and The World Wakesurf Championships, possibly others. 7. Who do you ride for and who would you like to thank? I ride for Phase 5 and myself and I ride because I love it! My husband is also a big sponsor☺ I want to thank my hubby for being the best coach, driver and husband a girl could ask for! And of course my little dogs for being the best spotters on the north side! I am so happy to be part of the Phase 5 team. They are so kind and welcoming and they make me a super cool glittery, starry boards!!!   Drew: Tell me the first word that pops into your head when you read each word below. Meredith: A. Glass-Cant wait to get out on the lake and shred some glassy water! B. Dinner-whatever my husband is cooking, I am so lucky he is the cook of the house because he is an amazing one! C. Snow-yuck….time to put the boat away D. Summer-Sunscreen! E. Sasquatch-that creepy jack links beef jerky commercial. F. Old-the life jacket I used to wear…it was seriously old school ski vest from the 90s and I loved it because it dried so fast! My surf crew finally banned it due to the dork factor. Ask my husband or teammate Stacia Bank about it…it was vintage! Drew: Whats your favorite trick and what is a trick your working on? Meredith: My favorite would be a Front side 180 and shuvs! I am working on more shuvs and bigger airs! Drew: Tell us two things about you that most people wouldn’t know? Meredith: 1)I have a crazy but legitimate fear of seaweed! I am terrified to fall in weeds while out on the lake, so much so that I don’t like to surf unless its at least 15 feet deep! I am so nuts about weed avoidance it drives my boatmates crazy! 2) I am a pediatric dentist by day! [caption id="attachment_1391" align="alignnone" width="810"]Phase 5 Pups! Phase 5 Pups![/caption] mere 2

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