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Team Phase 5 in Tige mywake.

So its that time of the year again where you can submit your videos to the Tige Mywake contest. This is a cool contest for a couple of reasons. Yes you have to send a video to the category they are looking for. Example: 3 Trick Combo or 1 min unedited. But it is your favorite boat, your favorite board and your favorite crew in the boat. Pretty sweet deal. You can find out more about that here. Phase 5 had a handful of riders enter the 3 trick combo round. Jodi Grassman pulled out the win in Pro Womens Skim, In Amateur Mens Skim we had Shane Blanton take home a 2nd place, Casey Currin finished 4th and young gun Nathan Chao came out with a 10th place finish. We also had Julie Vasselin bring home a 2nd place in Womens Amateur Skim. Be sure to go out and get your video in for the next round, which is the 1 min unedited. I know I did! Jodi's 3 Trick Combo Shane's 3 Trick Combo Julie's 3 Trick Combo Casey's 3 Trick Combo Nathan's 3 Trick Combo

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