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Sidewinder Wakesurfing: Danielo | Blanton Session

Our team rider Shane Blanton has started a legit wakesurf clothing company. Sidewinder is targeted to the wakesurf community and already has some awesome shirts made and ready to roll. Shane and Corbin were down in Orlando for wake games and snuck down for a night session with fellow Phase 5 and Sidewinder rider Drew Danielo. Here is the outcome of a few hours on the lake!

Sidewinder Wakesurfing Danielo | Blanton Session from CB Filmz on Vimeo.

"While we were in Florida for Wake Games we took a day and drove down to meet up with Drew Danielo. Shane and Drew got a couple sunset sessions in and here's the footage from them. Along with these two being on the Phase 5 team, Drew Danielo is now a Sidewinder Wakesurfing rider. He even hits his first Bs 540 Shuv in this video. Welcome to the team!" - Corbin Blanton, Sidewinder Wakesurfing

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