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Roswell Global Headquarters

On Friday November 21st, Roswell Wake had the grand opening of their new Global Headquarters in Rockledge, Fl. Roswell has been a big player in marine audio and accessories for over 15 years.  They have done everything from Wake Pylons, Towers, Speakers, Boat and underwater lighting and more. Now they have Roswell Global up and running and it is nothing shy of impressive.  It will be the home base for Roswell Wake and Zenovia Electronics. Designed by Owner Robert Oswell, this building is state of the art. With no set working desk for employees they are encouraged to sit and work from one of the many different meeting rooms everyday. There is a room equipped with 2 hanging hammocks for employees to recharge and a full cantina with a stocked fridge, microwaves, stove and more.  It is clear Robert had his employees in mind when he made the design for Roswell Global.  There is also a full sound proof room with the outline of a boat in the floor that you can sit down inside and experience the full pleasure of the Roswell Audio. The night was highlighted with a ribbon cutting ceremony, a crazy artist who performed and painted at high level, Brandon Thomas keeping it up beat with his DJ skills, and the Launch of Airhome. Airhome is the latest project from the mastermind of Zenovia Electronics. This is a state of the art wireless home audio system. Everyone at Phase 5 says congratulations and good luck to Robert and the whole crew at Roswell Global. Roswell Global 3 2 Cantina Boat audio 8 7        

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