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So by now you might have seen the "I ride, What you ride" videos floating around the social media world. Like this video here: You might have asked yourself what does I ride, What you ride mean? You also might ask what is the big deal about our boards being handmade in the USA. Well let me fill you in. Phase 5 is based out of Venice, FL and is a part of Glaspro, Inc. Glaspro Inc was started in Venice by Bob Smetts when he started Zap Skimboards. This means that all of our boards from the Phase 5 scamp to the Hammerhead and all of our surf style boards are built right here in our own factory. We control every aspect of the build process. That gives us the ability to have the highest quality control that a board company can have. In fact every board made in this factory passes through the hands of our Quality control person. You can read more about this here. I told you all that because I am often asked what is the difference in the boards that our team rides and the boards sold at shops? At first I didn't understand so I asked what they meant. This is when I learned that a lot of the other companies have wake surf boards for sale in shops, but the fact was their team riders are riding custom made one off boards that usually do not come from the same place as there production boards. Production boards are coming from a factory overseas and there is not much quality control at all with them. Their team riders are competing on boards that usually look similar but are built here by board builders to make them lighter or stronger. This blew us away and lead us to the I ride video's. With our Quality control over every step of the board build, we do not need to build custom boards for our riders. Our team riders are riding the exact same boards that you can buy on the shelf at your shop. No extra light boards, no need to try and make them stronger. With our years of knowledge and experience we build a board that is light, strong and rides better than the rest. This isn'tjust something we do for our highend boards. Our regular entry level performance boards like the Scamp, Prop and Oogle are also all built in our factory by hand. There are no corners cut to shave off weight or cost four boards. When you buy a Phase 5 Wakesurfer you can be certain that you are building a board with the highest quality craftsmanship and from a company with over 30 years experience built her in the USA. Here is what some of the Phase 5 riders had to say: Danny B from Allatoona Adventures said "From Grandpa's to groms, Phase 5 has the right board with the best durability" Team Rider Miller Kinlin "Phase 5 boards are fast, Durable and they have the perfect board for any level or age rider." Team Rider Drew Danielo "There is nothing more durable, that rides and performs like a Phase 5. I am currently still riding the exact same board I received last Septemeber. You just can't hurt these things" Check out your local Phase 5 dealer and go ride one and see what the hype is all about. Here are some videos of our team riders shredding the same boards you can shred. WE RIDE WHAT YOU RIDE! Shane Blanton riding the Phase 5 Hammerhead Leland Watkins on the Phase 5 Matrix Drew Danielo on the Phase 5 Hammerhead Team Phase 5

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