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Phase 5 takes on Southern Surfest

Southern Surfest 2015 is in the books. What a great weekend and great event. Phase 5 was not at surfest in 2014 so we rolled in big for this year. We arrived late Thursday evening and headed to the Allatoona Adventures Headquarters to drop off some stuff they ordered. Then it was dinner and sleep. Friday morning came early and we headed off to the event site at Laurel Park on Lake Lanier. We made a stop to see the crew at Singleton Marine. They redid the pro shop since we last saw it and it looks awesome. These guys are all in on wake surfing and there board display proves it. We got to the event site and got right to work setting up the Phase 5 shop. We brought 22 boards for surfest. Phase 5 accounted for over 25% of the board line up this year. We set up all the boards with their fins and started separating them to what boat they would be on for the weekend. We also got to sneak in a little set with Sammy on the Nautique G23. The wave was ready! Friday night it was fun time. Dinner at Andretti's and then Go Karts and arcade. We met Blade Brown, the 2014 Georgia State Air Hockey Champ. Who knew there was such a thing. Well there is and he destroyed me in a quick game to 7. Saturday morning was an early start. Drivers meeting and riders ready at 7:30am. Nautique, Malibu, Axis, Tige, Centurion, Supra, Supreme, Moomba and Master Craft all had boats in the water and ready to surf. For the next 2 days it would be a new group of 4 riders in the boat every hour. It was really neat to hear everyone's opinions on what boats they liked and what boards they liked and didn't like. It was also really cool to meet so many new people who love wake surfing. Everyone was happy and having a great time. Why wouldn't you be, where else can you ride 10 different boats and boards from over 10 companies in just 2 days. For Phase 5 the event was awesome. I think we opened a lot of people up to the fact that we are not just a skim style company because people LOVED the Jam and Wire! Great event and we look forward to more events this year. Thank you to guys that organized Surfest and for letting us be apart of it, Thank you to all the board and boat companies that came out to support our sport and a BIG THANK YOU to all the riders that came out and gave their honest opinions on what they liked. Enjoy all the pictures from the event and until next time, Keep surfing and teach someone new. Words By: Drew Danielo IMG_5205 IMG_5293 IMG_5292 IMG_5291 IMG_5237 IMG_5330 IMG_5325 IMG_5301 IMG_5298 IMG_5265 IMG_5275 IMG_5277 IMG_5278 IMG_5282 IMG_5284 IMG_5322 IMG_5287 IMG_5261 IMG_5255 IMG_5254 IMG_5253 IMG_5252 IMG_5250 IMG_5299 IMG_5314 IMG_5309 IMG_5317 IMG_5307 11203588_10206520699440070_2072219553910789323_o 11203525_926495810705925_8892247074719036632_o 11196276_787088991387614_7180996236418648565_n 11159903_10206520705520222_7166079712315708803_o 10405619_10204366459065326_5010873671466796937_n IMG_5242 11206621_926842980671208_6746134663919622146_o

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