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Phase 5 signs the podium and more

Words by: Drew Danielo 2015 is looking very promising for Phase 5 wake surfers. We have added quite a few new talented riders to our team. Here is the run down on our fresh new faces here at Phase 5. To start off Phase 5 has signed the entire Amateur Mens Skim Podium from the world wakesurf championships. Thats right. We now have the best 3 amateur skim riders in the world. Casey Currin's solid and consistent riding landing him on the high spot of the podium and taking home the title of World Champion. He was followed by our new insta-grom, Leland Watkins. Leland has been putting a lot of time in behind the boat and it shows with his big bag of tricks and his huge airs. Taking the 3rd place spot was Mike La Macchia, Mike has been on the wakesurf scene for only a couple years but his riding has gone through the roof. Anyone of these 3 could have won this division and they will all be battling it out next year in Outlaw division. We figured that was a good start but wanted more. Here is where we insert the 2014 Womens Amateur Skim World Champion Julie Vasselin into the mix. Julie is from Canada and has been riding a Phase 5 for a few years. After meeting her this year at a few events and watching her ride, it made perfect since to me that Julie represents Phase 5 to the t. Nice, polite, a great rider and always with a smile on her face. Julie will take her title and her talent and be ready for the outlaw division in 2015. In the pro rankings we have added a few riders as well. 4 weeks before the World Championships we met with Jackie Costa. Jackie went out and kill sit on her Phase 5 Luv. Jackie lives in our hometown and rides with a lot of our crew. It only made since that Jackie became part of the P5 family. Jackie has been pushing herself behind the boat and her bag of tricks is growing every time she rides. Jackie was killing it at the photo shoot with some long lines of tricks all linked together. We also added Nathan Gilbert from Canada to our pro team. Nathan is leaving behind the outlaw division and is ready to battle with the top dogs of our sport. Nathan has a great riding style and has a lot of tricks ready for the pros. We are stoked to see Nathan pushing himself and his riding. The latest edition to our team has been Jamie Eichler. We signed Jamie at the Atlanta Boat Show. Why did it take us this long to sign him? That is a great question. Jamie has been a Phase 5 supporter since we met him. Always pushing our boards and always there to help when needed. Jamie has been battling it out in outlaw division. We look forward to seeing how Jamie takes off with the extra support from P5. We are super stoked on all of our new riders and all of our team that has been with us for years. Win or lose you guys and girls are what this sport is all about. Spending time with family and friends and having fun behind your boat. I am honored to be the team manager for such a talented and fun group of riders. Bring on 2015! IMG_2497 10676405_10154546027790467_6768616314694917056_n 10647190_10154580279450567_7751752025479533376_n 10891702_10152407637351486_9097807802462669875_n

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