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Phase 5 Presents: Episode Three

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Episode Three

Episode Three

The Phase 5 team is much more than a team. We are a family. Episode 3 features a fun, behind the scenes video from this years photo shoot. Yes, we do a lot of riding and filming, but the part we all remember are the times off the water and fun memories made. Sit back, relax, laugh, and enjoy this video and the sounds of our very own Chris Hau.

Featured Boards in this Video

Jam Surf, Stacia Bank Surf, Danielo Diamond, Matrix, Scamp, Danielo Hammerhead
Riders John Akerman, Drew Danielo, Stacia Bank, Zach Smith, Jodi Grassman, Shane Blanton, Jackie Costa, Leland Watkins, Max Smetts, Mike La Macchia, Casey Currin, Trevor Gindland, Kia Grindland, Zach Smetts
Film+Edit Corbin Blanton

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