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Night Riders

Words By: Drew Danielo Every year at the Phase 5 photo we try and do something new and fun. We ran off the beach into the boat wake back in 2012 and 2013. In 2013 we also brought you the first ever triple boat spine, with 3 surfers riding a seperate spine. In 2014 we took "big boat" surfing to a new level with the 53' Carver. For 2015 we went lights out, Or lights on I guess. Riding at night with good legit LED lights is something I have wanted to do for years. When Stacia Bank called me from the surf expo and said she found a cool LED company that does water proof lights it was game on. I contacted the guys over at Action Glow and they set us up with some killer LED kits. We set up a board and strung LED lights on ourselves. Zach Smith, Stacia Bank, Jodi Grassman and myself ventured out to ride on the coldest night in Florida all year. Ok it wasn't that cold, but it was still like 55 degrees out. The light kits worked awesome and it was an absolute blast. We looked like a bunch of stick figures surfing in the dark. The hard part was not being able to see the wave. With the bright lights in our faces and the dark water it was almost impossible to see what was happening and where on the wave you were at. The only thing I knew for sure, was that Stacia bank was very concerned about alligators. Riding at night was super fun and I look forward to doing it again soon. I asked the other riders what they thought about the night and here is what they had to say: "The night surfing was so epic. We had no idea how well the LEDs would work but once we put them on drew we knew it was gonna be sick. They were so bright and made for the coolest night surfing session in wake surfing history" -Zach Smith- "When we rode that night during the photoshoot with the LED's it was a complete blast! The stick on lights we put on the board looked so cool! Drew also rocked those LED's tucked into Stacia's cute little Glide Soul bottoms haha! We just kept the boat in the middle of the lake, while we jammed to some tunes in the dark. The whole photo shoot was a blast but that night was a night to remember!" -Jodi Grassman- "Night surfing was rad! I had been wanting to night surf for a long time with something cooler than target glow sticks. Action Glow makes the perfect lights – they are light, waterproof, and BRIGHT!!! I think we all felt a little bit like Tron out there – and I was excited Tron didn't seem to attract alligators. I think one of the coolest parts of night surfing is that you can't see the wave, you have to go completely by feel. And what did I learn from night surfing: Drew and Zack wear the same size GlideSoul shorts as me. Haha" -Stacia Bank- Here are some fun pictures from the Night Ride and stay tuned for the video! Phase-5-Night-Riding-10 Phase-5-Night-Riding-9 Phase-5-Night-Riding-8 Phase-5-Night-Riding-7 Phase-5-Night-Riding-6 Phase-5-Night-Riding-5 Phase-5-Night-Riding-4 Phase-5-Night-Riding-3 Phase-5-Night-Riding-1 Phase-5-Night-Riding-2 All photo credit to -THE CHRIS HAU-

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