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New 2009 Phase 5 Site Now Online

Thanks for checking out the NEW Phase 5 Website. Check back frequently for updates and Online giveaways. Please feel free to send us an email and let us know how you like the new site. Just go to the contact page and send Drew Danielo an email.
Check out the 2 new boards from PHASE 5. We now have a skim style board designed for a heavier rider. The first one is called the PHASE 5 RAZZ. It is a 56" board but unlike the rest of the Phase 5 line up this board has a 1" foam core. This allows for maximum floatation, but will still perform like a skim style board.
The 2nd upgrade to the line up is the XL Drew Danielo. This board is the same design as the Danielo Pro model but we juiced up the core with the 1" foam as well. This board is available in Texalium or you can do it in Carbon. check these new boards and the rest out on the board page.
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