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Media Trip '13: Day 2 Photos

Here are some photos from the second day of our film trip for 2013. In 2012 we had such a good time getting our skimboard team together at Stump Pass in Florida doing this (click here to watch the video from last year), we did it once again this year. We decided to go to a different location this time where the water is much deeper right off the beach than the spot we filmed at previously. The new location proved to be much better and the ideal set up for what we were trying to do. The wake was easier to catch and much more powerful! Click here to watch the video! photo credit: chris hau / dave scott day2_p5mediatrip13_001 Dave Armstrong sliding out day2_p5mediatrip13_01 Max Smetts day2_p5mediatrip13_02 Dave Armstrong day2_p5mediatrip13_03 CB Filmz Corbin Blanton getting the shot day2_p5mediatrip13_04 Stephen Bradford day2_p5mediatrip13_05 Stephen Bradford day2_p5mediatrip13_06 Max Smetts helmet cam slashin' day2_p5mediatrip13_07 Dave Armstrong techie day2_p5mediatrip13_08 Filling the boat up with water, salt water is much more buoyant than fresh! What a pain... day2_p5mediatrip13_09 Dave Armstrong day2_p5mediatrip13_10 Dave Armstrong took a rail to the head day2_p5mediatrip13_11 Max Smetts cranking day2_p5mediatrip13_12 Stephen Bradford day2_p5mediatrip13_13 Drew Danielo day2_p5mediatrip13_14 Stephen Bradford boosting a nice little backside air day2_p5mediatrip13_15 Max Smetts day2_p5mediatrip13_16 Stephen Bradford day2_p5mediatrip13_17 The media ski with Hau in the back and the GoPro pole

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