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Introducing the New 2012 Phase 5 Board Lineup

We've been hard at work designing, building, and of course out testing (the best part) all-new shapes for the 2012 season. Those of you who made it to Surf Expo in Orlando this September got a sneak peek of what was to come. Well, it's now official, the newly updated 2012 Phase 5 lineup is out! So whats new for 2012? The Danielo Pro Carbon has got fresh all-new looks with 3 choices for you to pick from: Aqua, Red, and White. And we've got two completely new boards, both are skim/surf hybrids with thick buoyant 1" cores and 3 two inch deep fins for ultimate tracking. The Colt is a classically inspired woodgrain board featuring a traditional surf-style squash tail, and the Model X is a progressive-style carbon fiber board boasting a swallowtail. We've also got a wide range of pad colors that you'll find, which adds even more variety to an already pretty diverse lineup. 2012 Danielo Pro Carbon 2012 Danielo Pro Carbon 2012 The Colt The Colt 2012 Model X Model X

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