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How-To App for Your iPhone Features Phase 5 Team Rider Drew Danielo

Our team captain and 5x world wakesurfing champion, Drew Danielo, was asked to be part of a breakthrough new app now available in the iTunes app store. In the developer's own words, "TSO Wake is a how-to, video based instructional app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. No more sitting in your living room or at your computer watching DVD's to learn your favorite tricks. TSO Wake takes all the info you need from the best riders in the world and puts it directly where you want it: in the palm of your hand."

Drew's wakesurfing section is featured in the premium content within the app. In it, Drew explains and demos how to do various wakesurfing tricks ranging from beginner to advanced. Check out the video below or see screenshots in the iTunes app store to get a feel for how the app works.

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