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Fan Shots: Ladies loving the Drew

Hi Phase 5, French Canadian girls were out and about ripping your Drew Danielo pro model this weekend. The waters were still frigid, but the weather was nice with a whopping 90F. We rarely get that kind of heat up here during the month of May. We pulled out the wakesurf on our Malibu 23 LSV, loaded with stock ballast and an extra 1500 lbs of water in some extra bags that we brought. Wakeboarding recently destroyed my knee and I had to undergo 2 ACL knee reconstructions. I’ve decided to make wakesurfing my new sporting career (that’s me, riding in the first picture). I’ve mastered a few tricks on my Phase 5, such as riding on one knee, hang 5s, surface 180s, riding heelside, switch and switch heelside but I think I need some pointers for some new tricks. Want to come and ride with us? We promise a good time and big wakes! Here are a few shots from our epic Canadian long weekend. Cheers, Marie-France Noel Thanks for the pics and email Marie! Sorry to hear about your wakeboarding accident, but as you know by now, wakesurfing is one of the best ways to rehabilitate an injured knee. Keep shredding ladies! We love receiving photos and video of our fans enjoying their Phase 5! If you would like to be featured on our blog send your shots to:

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