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Factory Facts: Volume 1

Over the next couple months we will be introducing you to the team of dedicated workers here at Phase 5 in our Factory Facts Section. We will give you a look into our Venice, Fl based factory and the people who are responsible for everything Phase 5. From cutting cloth and foam to the guys who  sand the rails and polish boards, all the way to the boxing room, we will give you the people who make it possible.

Factory Facts Volume 1: Quality Control

Name: Dianne Conaghan

Job Title: Quality Control

Years working at Phase 5:  16 years (13 years at Phase 5 and 3 previuos years with Zap Skimboards)

  Dianne has a very important job. Every single board (yes you read that right)  every single board that Phase 5 builds will go through the hands of Dianne. She will inspect every board to make sure it is 100% perfect before the board is boxed up and shipped out to our dealers.  If any of our boards do not meet our high standards, it will be turned into a demo board for our dealers to use. Thanks to Dianne, when you go buy a Phase 5 from your local dealer you can be confident it will be the best of the best. You can’t get quality control like this from a 3rd party factory overseas. Dianne Conaghan IMG_3034

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