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End of the season edits.

With 2015 coming to an end, the wakesurf blues start to set in. Well for everyone up north they do. Pull the boat out and winterize it, pull the dock out of the lake and pack the boards up for the winter. However, the positive in this is everyone starts putting out their end of the season videos. We get to see how everyone has progressed throughout the year. No contest pressure, just out riding and having fun. After all that is what wake surfing is all about right. Here are 3 videos for your enjoyment. Zach Smith put together a super cool video showcasing his talent on the water. Zach moved into the Pro division this past season and the contest results really don't show how good Zach rides and how much he has progressed. And we have a super fun video of Jodi Grassman shredding on her home lake in Florida. Jodi's riding has exploded and she continues to push women's wake surfing to new levels. Please enjoy these videos and feel free to share with your friends. Here is the latest from team rider Drew Danielo. He took his Phase 5 Hammerhead and his Nautique G23 out into the Gulf of Mexico to make his own waves. After a great 2015 season Drew proved to us all that having fun on your wake surfing is when you will ride your best.

Wakesurfing Sets w/ Drew Danielo | Nautique Boats from CB Filmz on Vimeo.

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