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A look back in time...

Words by: Drew Danielo Wow where has the time gone. As we start to release our team videos for 2015, we can't help but look back on the past 4 years of fun. It started with a video sent in to us of a new up and coming rider named Shane Blanton. Shane's riding was good and the video edit was awesome. Who was CB Filmz? Well it was Shane's brother Corbin Blanton and he had as much talent editing video as Shane did wake surfing. So with a few phone calls and some plane tickets in early November of 2012, we had the Blanton boys flying in from Oconomowoc, WI and The Chris Hau was flying in from Canada. We didn't know what to expect, but we knew we were going to have fun. As I look back at the videos from the first year, it makes me realize how much our riders have progressed. With Shane, Chris, Zach Smetts, Max Smetts and Blake the big trick was the 360 shuv it. There was a lot of regular shuvs and spins happening also. Shane's 720 has always been a stand out and is still the best 7 in wake surfing. Just watching our teaser you can see how much these guys have progressed. 3 shuvs, big spins, 540 shuv its and the list goes on and on. The other big difference is in our team size. We went from about 6-7 of us back in 2012 to 22 riders and team mascot puppy. What hasn't changed one bit is how close this team is. It is one big happy family of people who love wake surfing and love to ride the best boards made. For those of you who weren't not riding P5 or following us back then I give you a look back in time to Phase 5 Team Video Parts 1 and 2. Please enjoy and Share with your friends.

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