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2015 Team Shoot

Words: Drew Danielo

WOW! What a week. Close to 20 riders, 3 days of filming, 4 nights of fun and the best photo shoot ever. Every year around this time we fly in some of our team along with Corbin Blanton of CB Filmz and make some wake surfing magic. Well this year we had more team riders, more GoPro's, more jokes and more fun than ever. Corbin shot 20 different riders over the 3 days.

It started with Jamie Drew flying in on Sunday, February 1st. He was quickly put to work first thing Monday morning helping get stuff ready to go from the factory. Bob and the Smetts clan were already at our rental castle for the weekend. Jamie and myself drove over Monday afternoon and met with the crew along with Jodi Grassman, We towed the Grassmans' ski boat over to lake June for our chase boat along with Jodi’s Nautique G21. Bob had his Centurion in the water and we were just waiting for the crew to show up. Shane Blanton, Corbin Blanton, Zach Smith, Stacia Bank and Jason Lybeck all flew in and headed to the lake. Chris Hau was suppose to be there but was stuck in Toronto due to the snow storm. After a night of Pool, Foosball and ping pong we had a little team meeting and headed to bed. We woke up Wednesday morning and the whole crew had made it in. Chris Hau made it, Eric and Kia Grindland showed up sometime around 2am. Jackie Costa was ready to go along with Leland Watkins, Mike La Macchia, Zach Smetts, John Akerman and Casey Currin. Danny B rolled in with a brand new Centurion FS33 Compliments of Nate at Transition Watersports and Altoona Adventures. The boats were full of gas, Boards and riders were loaded and it was go time.

For the next 3 days it was nothing but good times and a lot of serious riding. The talent of this team amazes me constantly. Every year these guys show up with a bigger bag of tricks and more consistent riding. Corbin shot some chase boat footage, Drone footage and everyone did their part and shot some crazy angles with the GoPro’s. There were to many highlights to list but some of them were: -Jamie Drew Falling off the back of the boat while filming when his rope was suddenly unhooked by Eric Grindland. -Watching P5 Owner Bob Smetts shred every board that his feet touched over the week. -The epic battles on the foosball table. Yes Jason and the Canadian Dump and Run Jamie ended up on top.

One thing I realized during this trip is that we do not have a Wakesurfing team at Phase 5. We have a tight little family who enjoys wake surfing. This was the first time we had the majority of our team in one spot. Some of them have never met each other until now. It was awesome to see how everyone meshes together and gets along. Whether it was pitching in to clean the kitchen, prepare food, help guys work on new tricks behind the boat or completely make fun of someone during their interview, everyone was laughing and doing their part. Leland Watkins was quickly nicknamed “Instagrom” and was on the receiving end of a lot of jokes. But he can deal it out also. Shane Blanton is the official punching bag of phase 5 jokes but no one can take them better and dish it back out. Eric offered Shane a nice hug and Jamie even rubbed his shoulders when we thought he was upset. (pictures below)

Besides being good people, all these guys and girls straight up RIP behind the boat. You have guys like John Akerman, Max Smetts, Mike La Macchia, Casey Currin and more completely destroying it. Jamie Drew, The Chris Hau, Zach Smetts, Miller Kinlin and every other rider was on point on all week. And as for the ladies, well between Stacia’s 2’ high switch backside airs, Jackie Costa throwing down some long lines of big tricks linked together and Jodi Grassman firing off Big spins and 3 shuvs, we feel we have the girls covered. And don’t count out the “Old Guys” Danny B was showing everyone why Allatoona Adventures is the place to go for wakesurf lessons with his riding, Eric Grindland was throwing 360’s and shuvs all over the lake and our fearless leader Bob Smetts was just having a ball on every board he rode.

The riding highlights you will have to wait and watch the videos to see. But lets just say there are atleast 3 people on our team throwing numerous 540 variations! It was insane. We have some riders that will be making some noise in 2015. Our team is a big piece to our puzzle and we couldn’t have found better athletes to represent who we are.

Browse through all the pictures below to see some of the fun and chaos we had. These are all pictures off of everyones cell phones over the week. There are about 1000 more but we only have room for so many! Stay tuned for the videos. Release of the first one is the 2nd half of March.

FEATURED GEAR Wire Surf, American Made Tee, Trident, Zip-Up Hoodie, Silver Snapback IMG_4106 Sunset Shane:Drew fueling boat Shane Blanton stashing a new 2015 Wire Lifestyle relaxing Jamie Drew rocking the American Made tee IMG_4115 Bob Smetts chief founder/shaper enjoying the Trident Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1 Chris Hau dodging Jamie Drew IMG_4111 Stacia lounging after a hard days work IMG_4103 Good times on Danny's Allatoona adventure boat IMG_4102 Leland getting the shot IMG_4101 Night Rider IMG_4098 Corbin getting the shot on the chase boat with Justin IMG_4096 #p5pup, Maui IMG_4061 IMG_4031 IMG_4030 Mike getting interview ready in the Zip-Up Hoodie & Silver Snapback IMG_3969 IMG_3962 IMG_3959 IMG_3956 IMG_3953 IMG_3944 IMG_3943 IMG_3940 IMG_3928 IMG_3918

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