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2015 and The World Wakesurfing Championships.

p5_team What a year! 2015 was one for the books and Team Phase 5 finished with a bang at the 2015 World Wakesurfing Championships this past weekend. We had 23 team riders qualify and travel out to Parker, Arizona. The event kicked off with a riders meeting Wednesday night and some fun laughs with the team. Thursday morning came early and it was game time. For the next 3 days it was wake up early and hang out all day in the scorching desert heat. But the water was nice and the competition was tough. In the Amateur divisions Team rider Sammie Cline was off the dock super early Thursday and was not fully awake. She realized about half way through her first past she forgot to put her fin on her board. But she managed to hang on and sneak into the finals. Nathan Chao was pulling double duty riding surf style and skim style. He had great runs in both and impressed everyone with his huge frontside airs. He also landed his first surf style Alley oop 180 in a contest. We also had the Sternberg brothers Ryan and Jason throwing down. Masters Men division was full of Phase 5 riders. We had Jay Baker who killed it on the Matrix all year, Danny B was riding the Matrix, Eric Grindland on his Hammerhead, Matt Smith riding the Wire, Chris Bank was enjoying the feel of the fireball and Scott Culp was crushing it on his Matrix. This is a tough division with these guys throwing down the 360's, airs, shuv its and even switch big spins. It is awesome to watch these guys all push each other and see how much fun they are having. Jenny Currin battled in the Womens Master division and was spinning up and down the course in the finals. The Womens Outlaw Division was stacked and competition was fierce. Abby Chao fought her way into the skim final with some great spin combos and some solid shuv its. Kia Grindland came out swinging in the skim division with numerous shuv its, airs and switch heeled airs. She also made the final in outlaw surf with some serious switch backside riding and big airs. Julie Vasselin didn't have the run she hoped for but still put down some solid riding and had a great first year in the outlaw division. Mens Outlaw skim was STACKED. Not with just good riders but with Phase 5 riders. We had Jason Lybeck, Max Smetts, Mike La Macchia, Casey Currin, Leland Watkins and Shane Blanton all ready to fight for the final. Jason Lybeck came out swinging with the best run we have seen him throw down and made the finals. Shane had a few bobbles and didn't get the run he wanted. But he had a great season and we know he will be back better than ever next year. Leland came out with a killer first pass but unfortunately had a few falls and just missed the finals. Mike, Casey and Max all rode solid to make the finals where they all killed it. In Pro Women we had Stacia in both surf and skim. Stacia rode super solid all weekend (except when she got tangled in her own rope and trip herself in her run). Stacia made it to the finals for both surf and skim. In the Skim final she was joined by Jodi Grassman who had a great first round of riding. Jodi has been killing it all year and just had a few mistakes in the pro final. We also had Brittney Nyrose in both the pro surf and skim divisions. Brittney had a great weekend and proved she is not backing down and will continue to progress to get to the podium. All 3 of these girls are pushing women wake surfing to new levels and will be back next year. In the pro men division we had John Akerman and myself. It has been nice to have John at events to help me fight the pro skim division. This division is crazy. The days of cruising to the finals are gone. You have to bring your A game in every heat. John and I both had some solid riding all weekend and both made the finals. John is going to be a serious contender next year in the pro division. For me I am going to just keep having fun and pushing myself. See full results below. Team Phase 5 was on point all year. At the Canadian Nationals there awarded 39 podium spots. Team Phase 5 held 18 of those spots and a Phase 5 board was on 26 of those spots. US Nationals was very similar with our team riders taking home 14 podium spots. Lake Anna Wake Surf Open had Phase 5 boards on 21 podium spots. 2015 was unreal. Here is what our team had to say about their year: "Our first year with P5 has been amazing. Love the family aspect of the company and that the boards are made in the USA. These boards have helped myself and my boys perform to new heights." From Matt Smith "Phase 5 isn't just a team. We are family. And its a family that I am so glad to be part of." Leland Watkins It's incredible how close-knit and supportive the Phase 5 team is and I've never experienced such awesome, selfless people." Mike La Macchia "Surfing by itself is fun, but surfing with your P5 family takes it to whole new level" Eric Grindland " I am so glad to be apart of team that is so well rounded, acts professional and makes us all feel like family. And no one has more fun than we do" Jodi Grassman "Traveling to contest is really just an excuse to hang out with our super fun P5 team. Amazing boards and an amazing team." Stacia Bank "I'm so honored to be apart of the most amazing team in the wakesurf industry!" Kia Grindland "It is such a privilege to be the team manager for Phase 5. There is not a better group of people in wake surfing and I thank each and everyone of our riders for the support and love they give to P5. This team amazes me with how close they are. They always joke with each other but always stand by and support one another. The friendships created on this team will last long after our wake surfing days." Drew Danielo Here is a fun video to watch to see just how fun our team is. As we end 2015 and get geared up for 2016 I leave you with a bunch of pictures of your enjoyment. All of us from Phase 5 would like to say Thank You to every person who organized or volunteered your time at an event in 2015. Also a big thank you to every person who has a P5 on their boat. Without you guys none of this is possible. 12034327_10207605898249362_8897172121409239721_o Sammie Cline 2nd Place Womens Am. Skim podum_robertu_am_skim Robert Ulrich 3rd Place Mens Am Skim podium_kia_outlaw_skim Kia Grindland Womens Outlaw Skim World Champ, Abigail Chao 2nd Place Womens Outlaw Skim podium_kia_outlaw_surf Kia Grindland 2nd Place Womens Outlaw Surf podium_am_surf Markus Lahmer 2nd Place Mens Outlaw Surf podium_cassey_mike_outlaw_men_skim Casey Currin Mens Outlaw Skim World Champ, Mike La Macchia 3rd Place Outlaw Mens Skim podium_eric_cb_men_masters Chris Bank Mens Master World Champ, Eric Grindland 2nd Place, Scott Culp 3rd Place. podium_jennifer_currin_womens_masters Jennifer Currin 2nd Place Womens Master podium_jodi_pro_skim Jodi Grassman 2nd Place Womens Pro Skim podium_drew_pro_skim Drew Danielo 2nd Place Pro Skim p5_riders_awards World Ranking Overall Champs. Jennifer Currin- Womens Masters Champ, Chris Bank- Mans Masters Champ, Kia Grindland- Womens Outlaw Skim Champ, Casey Currin- Mens Outlaw Skim Champ Jodi Grassman- Pro Womens Skim Champ, Drew Danielo- Mens Pro Skim Champ mike_improved_award Mike La Macchia Male Breakout rider of the Year jodi_rider_award Jodi Grassman Female Rider of the Year. drew_rider_award Drew Danielo Male Rider of the Year. IMG_1551 IMG_1550 IMG_1549 IMG_1547 IMG_1546 IMG_1545 IMG_1482 IMG_1491 IMG_1497 IMG_1525 IMG_1541 IMG_1544 12079604_880025738712932_690276517579112042_n 12045517_10207604249808152_8829045328258717012_o 12045345_10207604713419742_7169857654029343495_o 12034179_10207604251728200_3920931022255539347_o 12031407_10207604253488244_3678355124450265620_o 12027826_10205209953148512_5307149967034614594_n 12006498_10207604713979756_2430466780695174009_o 12010515_10207604391131685_5133763645020706593_o 12010593_10207604391691699_8880941350597232348_o 12017582_10207604716059808_1498491777249295723_o 12022608_10207604250328165_6782056247136255490_o 12002447_10207604253848253_7714498531284736289_o 11145568_10207604388971631_7406541978058387965_o sammy_max_mike_john nate_kia_abi kia_sammy_abi_julie kia_krew kia_dannyb eric_kia_cb_stacia julie_kia_abi_cantina julie_kia_abi kia_cb_stacia_drew drew_malibu_owners drew_john_surfer drew_dannyb_mrsb currin_clan casey_kia_outlaw_firsts cassey_mike_jodi_leland_drew cassey_kia boards THANK YOU TEAM PHASE 5 12038967_10207605909089633_697900745750232054_o

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